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ADHOC Sporty Life





Promote people to expand their vision world through sporty life.


ADHOC adheres to the brand spirit of nature, speed, protection, confidence and texture, focusing on technological research and development, from top sports sunglasses to daily optical glasses, enhancing the brand connotation and texture, designing fashionable and functional products, and allowing sports to naturally blend into users' lives; when pursuing challenges in sports, it provides high-standard vision protection and comfortable feeling, and confidently challenges in a clear and comfortable field of vision, pursuing a quality lifestyle with the passion for sports.




ADHOC RX sporty personal optical system


Eyes are the most important sense for people to sewith the world, and ADHOC strives to make people's vision the most suitable for protection and comfort in daily life, sports fields, or harsh environments, so that you can always feel this value.


Following the trend and demand for myopia sports optics and personalized lenses, ADHOC Aide International established the first sports optics fitting center in Taiwan in 2002, entering the top sports sunglasses market. Based on the different needs of sports, we design sports glasses with both quality and function, and use top optical engineering and optometry technology to develop full-range optical products such as photochromic lenses, polarizing lenses, single-focus and progressive multifocal sports myopia optics, to solve sports and daily vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia, and promote people to expand their vision world with sports and a healthy lifestyle.