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RX Lens Coating Technology


NXT Lens Tinting Technology


ADHOC RX Exclusive lens tinting technology can fit wearer's demand. The RX lens tinting is to add the tinting and photochromic material in 0.9mm depth inside the front curve. This lens tinting technology can make the lens have no color difference after lens grinding and polishing.





Every NXT RX lens is dying within 0.9, of the front surface of the lenses with uniform color. NXT RX lens is sensitive light, daurable for use, and 99.9% UV-proof.







Super Hard Coating



Super hard coating - Reduce the risk of damage from daily use, even the dust and sand can scratch the lens, not to mention the outdoor environment. ADHOC RX Super Hard Coating can increase both lens resistant and anti-scratch.








Anti Reflection Coating


The mainly function is to eliminate the ghost images and improve the vision and long time comfort.






Nanometer Water Repellent Coating 


The nano W/R coating can shrink the surface void to avoid dust and stains, in addition, when the water drops on the lens, the drops can slide down quickly. The lens with Nanometer Water Repellent Coating can extend the product life time.








Revo Coating 


The Revo Coating has mirror, red and blue color. Lens with revo coating not only have brilliant appearance, but also fit the demand of transmittance. 



Revo Red

In the clay court, athletic track or open field, Red Revo lens increase the contrast and vision feeling, so the users can recognize the ball and the environment easily.




Revo Blue

Increase the refraction of blue light to reduce the interference vision. In water activities, the Blue Revo lens can recognize the water variety easily. In cycling, the Blue Revo lens can have better sight vision.











CSP Fog-Proofing Functional Lens
Lens fog is a dilemma for sport sunglasses, ADHOC Rx have a major breakthrough in lenses tech, a new CSP fog-proofing Functional Lens Series (Cross-season Protection, CSP), while providing Ant-reflection and Ant-fog function and the specification of EN168. ADHOC create lotus leaf-like structure at the surface of lens by nano-bionic technology, to the formation of hydrophobic characteristics of the surrounding water vapor the release immediately, to reduce the function of mist production, with the lens ventilation hole design take away moisture quickly, can provide never recession and long - lasting lens anti-fog function, break through the weather and environmental restrictions, regardless of hot and humid sunny days or continuous drizzle cloudy, give users clear and unobstructed sight.